White wolves vs black wolves.

Wolfie was the bravest and kind wolf in the pack he had to protect his family and friends from their enemies the black wolves in the white wolves territory it was always snowing and in the black wolves territory it was raining with thunder they live in different parts of the woods one day wolfie was walking in the woods when he saw another wolf a black wolf what are you doing here? This is white wolves territory im just admiring the snow im not doing any harm in our territory is always raining and thundering over here is so beautiful still you are trespassing let me introduce my self my name is shira what is your name? i am wolfie the white wolves leader sees wolfie talking to a black wolf. 

what are you doing talking to this black wolf? Her name is shira she said she came here to admire the snow to admire the snow? That seems suspicious to me tell me the real reason why your here ok i will my father send me to attack one of your own but i dont want to my father wants me to become like one of them but im just too different i just want to be a nice wolf my name is nita i am the white wolves leader  if you dont want anything to happen to you i suggest you go back to your territory the white wolves leader leaves and goes back to the pack.

Wolfie it seems your mother doesn’t like me of course what do you expect your a black wolf i expect to be accepted as i am i just wish we could all get along yes but thats impossible we white wolves and black wolves hate and been attacking each other for centuries i wish i could change that well i have to go my father is gonna be so angry at me when i get back.

Meanwhile at the black wolves territory did you do what i told you to do did you attack wolfie? i couldn’t do it father while i was talking to wolfie the white wolves leader appeared ozzy gets angry and growls you never do anything right i guess im gonna have to send seri he will do a better job then you when will this stop i just wish we could all get along if you say that again i will banish you from our pack shira cries and goes to a cave.

At the white wolves territory the white wolves leader tells the pack about the black wolf we have to watch out for any attacks their was a black wolf here today shes the daugther of the black wolves leader ozzy wolfie ray you go south lisa you and the rest go north seri goes south with a group of black wolves wolfie howls and the white wolves pack arrive they start to attack each other shira didnt attacked you but i will seri attacks wolfie and he attacks back but gets hurt.

a gray wolf shaman appears and howls really loud that the black wolves ears start to hurt and they run away back to their territory im glad your here kira thanks to you those black wolves ran away back to their territory wolfie is really hurt we need your help said lisa to kira lets go to my cave i need to heal him they go to the cave kira heals wolfie ray asks wolfie if his ok are you ok wolfie? I am so much better now thank you kira for healing me it was my pleasure if you all need me just howl i will be here at my cave ray lisa and wolfie leave the cave they go back to the white wolves territory.

 what happend? Asks the white wolves leader nita lisa said seri arrived with a group of black wolves and attacked wolfie he was send by ozzy the black wolves leader they attacked us but then a gray wolf shaman appeared howl really loud that those black wolves ran away are you alright my son? Said nita to wolfie Yes the shaman healed me i feel better now we have to be more careful and alert for more attacks said ben wolfie’s father to the pack.

At the black wolves territory tell me what happaned said ozzy the leader of the black wolves we we’re attacking the white wolves then a gray wolf shaman appeared and howl really loud at us that our ears started to hurt thats why we had to come back here you idiots! seri did you atleast attacked wolfie? Yes i did great job seri i knew i can count on you seri goes to the cave i attacked your boyfriend wolfie shira cries how can you be so cruel i hope his ok and his not my boyfriend shira leaves the cave where are you going? ozzy asks shira leave me alone shira goes to the white wolves territory looking for wolfie.

She sees the white wolves pack what is this black wolf doing here? said ray lisa tries to attack shira wait dont! she is my friend said wolfie to lisa a black wolf and a white wolf friends thats the stupidest thing i ever heard but it is true leave her alone she hasn’t done anything bad said wolfie to lisa why did you come back here? The white wolves leader asks shira i came here looking for wolfie i wanted to make sure he was ok seri told me he attacked him im so glad his ok yes i am thanks to kira a gray wolf shaman im so happy that your ok lets get out of here shira and wolfie go to the woods to the same place they met follow them lisa and ray make sure nothing happens to wolfie.

Shira and wolfie we’re talking about their territories when out of nowhere ozzy appears shira what are you doing here!? talking with this white wolf father what are you doing here did you followed me?  Yes i did i wanted to see where you we’re going that you said to leave you alone now i see why seri told me he attack wolfie i wanted to make sure he was ok he won’t be ok when im done with him get away from my daughter ozzy tries to attack wolfie but lisa and ray stop him lisa growls and bites ozzy leave wolfie alone! Lisa please stop your going to kill him! said shira lisa stops biting ozzy we have to take him to kira please help my father he is hurt they all go to see kira at her cave why do you bring me this black wolf aren’t black wolves your enemies? Yes but his shira’s father she’s my friend kira heals ozzy thank you for healing my father kira nods her head did you just said friend? Yes father me and wolfie are friends please father stop this so no one else gets hurt.

Well alright i suppose it is time we all get along and leave the past behind shira gets happy yes finally now lets go back to the pack and tell them they leave the cave and go to the black wolves territory shira and ozzy tell the pack that the black wolves and white wolves can get along now that they are united as one side by side what?! thats so stupid said seri to ozzy seri i am the leader and i decide what is right or wrong if you don’t like it you can get out of our pack right now ok fine if you say so shira and wolfie and some of the black wolves go to the white wolves territory what is this what is going on? said nita mother and father the black wolves decided that their are not gonna attack us anymore what made them changed their mind? asks ben to wolfie we took shira’s father to get healed by kira cause he tried to attack me and lisa started to bite him alot so shira spoke to her father and then he decided that we should all get along.

Thats really great finally we don’t have to fight anymore and everything is at peace said nita to shira they all cheered and howl cause they we’re so happy everything was fine now that they could all get along a month goes by shira and wolfie are at a river talking wolfie i have something to tell you what is it? I am in love with you i want us to be more then friends i feel the same way about you shira they go back to the white wolf territory mother and father me and shira are in love we are really happy for both of you said nita thats really great you two make a cute couple said lisa to wolfie me and ray are thinking of having some cubs great im happy for both of you said shira to lisa me and wolfie will have cubs too wolfie blushes.

 two months passes by lisa and shira give birth to their cubs shira has three cubs named jen wolfie junior and snow lisa named her two cubs wilfred and dennis let me see my grand cubs oh they are so beautiful said nita to shira and yours too lisa their beautiful too wolfie smiles and ray ozzy gets happy to see the cubs their gonna be as strong as me said ozzy to shira yes one of them even looks like you father her name is jen and the others are wolfie junior and snow wolfie junior is mixed with black and white i named this one snow because she is so white like the snow what are your cubs names? lisa Their names are wilfred and dennis the cubs grew up and they play with each other as they got older they became bestfriends. 

They go to the woods to hang out when they see another wolf a gray wolf who are you? I am sky kira is my mother kira the shaman she is the one who healed my grandfather and my father we had heard so much about her said jen to sky yes thats the one but why are you here? I wanted to come and see the snow i love to play with the snow where is your mother? said wolfie junior to sky she is in her cave with my father healing other wolves oh lets go see her then we will go to the black wolves territory to see my grandfather said jen they go to the cave hi mom this is wolfie junior this is jen and snow their shira’s son and daughters nice to meet you all but who are the others oh this is wilfred and dennis lisa’s sons we heard so much about you that you healed my father and my grandfather and how you heal other wolves too said snow to kira yes it is true said kira. 

i am so happy that you all admire my work this is my husband ashira nice to meet you all nice to meet you too said jen well we have to go we have to see our grandfather ozzy at the black wolves territory wait your grandfather is ozzy i know ozzy since we we’re cubs if you see ozzy tell him ashira says hi and that it’s been a long time we haven’t seen each other ok we will said jen ok see you soon have a nice day all of you said kira to them jen and the rest leave the cave and go to the black wolves territory the black wolves welcomes them look who’s here my grand big cubs you three grown so much since the last time i saw you welcome back said ozzy to them.

 grandpa we are so glad to see you said jen smiling they all get happy to see their grandfather who is that gray wolf? my name is sky i am the daughter of kira and ashira it’s been a long time since me and ashira haven’t seen each other i know him since we were cubs yes he said the same thing and said to tell you he says hi said jen to ozzy they stay there talking to ozzy for a while then they go to the white wolves territory what did you all do all day? Nita asks snow we went to the woods then to see kira and we went to see our grandfather at the black wolves territory.

I haven’t seen kira in a long time said shira and who is that? Shira asks jen oh this is sky she is kira’s daughter and we met kira’s husband ashira we didn’t know he knew our grandfather since they we’re cubs yes thats the reason why your grandfather named me shira cause is similar to his friend’s name i didnt know kira had a daughter said wolfie well we haven’t seen her in a long time of course we wouldn’t know said shira nice to meet you sky said lisa and ray nice to meet you all too said sky i have to go back to my mother’s cave i will go with you said wolfie junior ok lets go they leave the white wolves territory.

 on their way to the cave wolfie junior asks sky what happened to the gray wolves pack they banished my mother for a mistake she made oh im sorry it’s ok we’re fine on our own anyways we could do whatever we want without anyone to tell us what to do they arrive at the cave well we’re here ok see you tomorrow goodbye said wolfie junior to sky wolfie junior goes back to the white wolves territory it’s night everyone is sleeping he goes to sleep when he wakes up it is morning he sees that his mother is crying what happened? Seri attacked your grandfather he is dead no that can’t be true how did you find out who told you? Nobody i went to see him and found him and seri fighting then that happened he escaped jen and snow heard everything and started to cry with wolfie junior.

Sky arrives what happened? Seri attacked our grandfather is he ok? we can take him to our mother to heal him no he is not ok he is dead said jen i am really sorry for your loss i wish i was there so i would’ve stop that from happening well there’s nothing we can do it happened yes there is i wont rest till seri is dead said jen to snow where are you going? shira asks jen im going to go look for seri no that is dangerous your mother is right said wolfie thats why im going with you us too said snow and wolfie junior if you all are going then im going with you he was my father i would do anything to get him back but seri is going to pay for what he did shira growls.

They all leave the white wolves territory sky stays and goes to her mother’s cave she tells her father what had happened he growls and starts to cry meanwhile jen and the others are looking for seri they spend months looking everywhere for him untill they found him he was in a cave in another part of the woods hiding there’s no need to hide anymore seri we found you said wolfie Your gonna pay for what you did to my father! shira growls jen attacks seri he attacks back shira attacks seri too he dies seri attacked my father cause he wanted to become the new leader now his the leader of nothing.

They go back to the white wolves territory sky ashira and kira we’re there waiting for them to arrive sky what are you doing here? said wolfie junior we came here to wait for all of you and wanted to know if you all we’re ok Yes we’re ok jen and our mother attacked seri he is dead said snow we are glad that you all are ok said ashira kira heals jen then heals shira thank you kira for healing us well im glad that everything is fine now and that your all ok said nita one of the black wolves come to the white wolves territory we need a new leader we all decided that jen should be our new leader i accept i want to be the new leader thank you luna for choosing me two months pass by and sky had cubs with wolfie junior everyone was happy for them snow had cubs too with wilfred everyone had a happy ending the end….

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