My imagination.

My imagination is a wonderful place but it can sometimes be scary when i write the stories i feel so free and alive the story i wrote called the nightmare it scared me so much because i was so into my imagination i thought i was at that house i felt really scared while writing it the other stories i wrote made me feel good about my self cause i never knew i had such imagination when i was writing the Isabelle story i felt alittle depressed and nervous cause i was writing it the same day i was using all of my imagination it was a really long story in fact it is the longest of all the stories i wrote i even lost my appetite i wasnt feeling hungry at all i was writing that story all morning till the night or was it untill midnight dont remember but i feel really happy about every story im writing im getting use to writing alot and reading which i use to think it was really boring but there it is me becoming a writer who would’ve thought that all i can say is that im really happy and i will keep writing stories untill i can’t no more…

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