One last cup of wine.

Justin and luke had always been best friends since they were little boys all the way through middle school high school and college they would always go to big parties and always had so much fun drinking and dancing meeting new people there’s a party at maddison’s house we should go tonight said justin to luke alright sure lets go that would be fun says luke.

Luke finishes his homework and justin goes to talk to his other friends James and danny there’s a party at maddison’s house tonight yes we know she told us so are you both going? Said justin yeah we’re definitely going its going to be a fun and cool party the best one of the year said James to justin we have to go do something see you and luke tonight ok see you then. 

justin goes back to his room are you finished already with your homework? Yeah almost done well try to hurry up we need to get ready i thought you were already done with that homework hours ago i was trying to finish but then i started to read scary stories luke said to justin ok im done lets get ready they get ready for the party justin puts on a red t-shirt and luke puts on a black t-shirt they both put on jeans black and red shoes and black jackets alright lets go.

 they both get inside the car justin drives to the party they arrived at the party there’s really loud music they see James and danny and go to where they are they all notice the most beautiful woman  that they ever seen she was dancing with her friends her friends tell her that they are looking at her she laughs and continues to dance justin goes to talk to her and they go outside what is your name? my name is brenda and you? My name is justin nice to meet you said justin to brenda nice to meet you too.

A few minutes go by as they talk the dj puts on a slow song do you want to dance? Yes said brenda to justin they go inside the house and start to dance their friends look at them luke gets jealous and messes in the way do you want to dance with me brenda? No dont you see im dancing with justin dont you understand that me and you are over…? luke looks at justin with an angry face and goes back to James and danny how can he do that to me im his best friend whats wrong luke? said danny to luke the women that justin is dancing with is my ex girlfriend brenda oh damn thats really messed up says James yeah it is i still have feelings for her i havent forget about her since our break up. 

A few hours go by the party ends justin and brenda leave they get inside the car and go somewhere else you see that he even left me here alone said luke to james thats really messed up what justin is doing to you i never seen him acting like this said danny to luke no his not like that but his gonna pay for what he did to me.

James and danny drive back to the college with luke…  luke goes to his room and goes to sleep the next day its morning luke wakes up and sees that danny is sleeping in his bed he drives to the store and buys  wine and poison he goes back to his room and hides the poison and wine he goes to class danny arrives late to class danny sits next to luke im sorry about what you saw last night but me and brenda are dating now no worries bro it’s ok said luke to justin in fact lets have some drinks at our room this afternoon we didnt drink together last night you are my best friend i forgive you it’s the afternoon and they go to the room justin is distracted checking his facebook notifications.

 luke pours wine in two cups he puts poison in justin’s wine here you go a cup of wine oh thanks justin drinks the wine how could you do this to me i was your best friend you betrayed me your not my best friend friends dont do that to friends you knew i still had feelings for brenda and yet you were acting like you didnt know her and you did knew who she was this will be your last cup of wine what do you mean last cup of wine? Said justin to luke justin starts to cough  what did you put in that wine? i feel so weird i poisoned it says luke justin drops dead on the floor luke looks at justin’s dead body and cries.

 you made me do this you were my best friend why would you do this to me? Brenda arrives oh my god what happened here? justin?! justin?! his dead said luke to brenda what did you do to him luke?! brenda notices the little bottle of poison you poisoned him you idiot why did you do that!? cause he was my best friend he betrayed me he knew i still had feelings for you and look what he did brenda calls the police on the phone the police arrives and arrest luke…. Luke spends the rest of his life in prison and thinking what he did to his best friend. 

Moral of life don’t mess with your best friend’s ex or girlfriend or this could happen to you too…..

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