The haunted forest.

I just moved in to this town and weird stuff are starting to happen they say there’s a haunted forest by the cementary that at midnight the devil appears and take those who dare enter that forest and drag them to hell and that there’s witches and people who do satanic rituales there one day i saw three guys go there and never got out nobody knows what happened to those guys some say the devil might’ve taken them to hell some say the witches trapped them and ate them i met some new friends their names are mark stiven and jessica.

 who wants to go to the haunted forest tonight? Says mark who ever survives the night gets a 100 dollars are you crazy?!  Says jessica do you want to die did you forgot what happens there?! Says stiven stop being a pussy and lets go says mark come on who wants to go what about you lyla? What me? Are you crazy im just new to this town thats the point since your new here you need to explore the place says mark to lyla ok lets go to the forest i hope nothing bad happens cause i swear it will be your fault the day turns to night. its 12:00 a.m lets go inside says mark i have a bad feeling about this says lyla they all go inside the forest.

As they go through the forest they hear strange sounds like whispers as they get closer the whispers sound clearer they hide behind some bushes there are witches chanting in some strange language like a latín chant they are doing a satanic ritual they are sacrificing a boy the devil appears.

lyla whispers oh my god its true what people say he does appear in the forest jessica gets scared and stiven too mark tries to act tough well im not scared mark comes out of the bushes are you stupid?! get back here says lyla the devil and the witches notice that mark is looking at them the witches start to laugh the devil gets close to mark i said nobody can come to this forest when will you humans ever learn? i came here cause i made a bet with my friends you shouldnt’ve come here you should’ve listen to your friend lyla.

Lyla starts to cry and says he knows i am here he knows that we all are here come out of the bushes all of you i know your here says the devil they all come out of the bushes ok i will make you a bet i wont drag you three to hell in exchange for the soul of your friend mark. says the devil to the three of them but thats our friend yes but your friend didnt listen to you so since he didnt listen and come here he disobey one of my rules so his going to hell there’s nothing you can do to stop it so is this boy over there he disobey me so his going to hell too.

The devil takes mark and the boy to hell they arrived to hell demons take them to punish them meanwhile their friends in the forest the witches tells them to leave the forest or lyla and her friends will go to hell too get out of here if you dont want to face the same fate as those guys they leave the forest scared and crying what do we do now says jessica there’s nothing we can do he was the one telling us to go there we didnt wanted to go says lyla its true what she says we didnt wanted to go says stiven to jessica.

That was a stupid bet look what got him into and he almost makes us all pay for it says lyla to jessica lets get out of here they all go home.
Lyla come here says lyla’s mom lyla looks at her mother’s eyes the eyes look red your not my mother where is my mom? What did you do to her?! The demon starts to laugh you will never find out but you will never see the light again the demon kills lyla….

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