The nightmare.

Every night i would wake up from the same nightmare there was a demon chasing me in every nightmare he was getting closer and closer to me one night i woke up at 3:30 a.m i was really afraid then my dog max started growling and barking at the closet door i started to hide under the blankets i still could hear my dog barking then everything went in complete silence.

i couldnt sleep anymore it was the next day it was morning i was looking everywhere for my dog but couldnt find him then i saw him across the hallway he looked really scared and Hurt he had claw marks on the side of his leg he was bleeding that could only mean one thing the demon from my nightmare was here at my house i put a bandage around my dog’s leg i go to the kitchen and eat some breakfast and give breakfast to my dog when i finished i took a hot shower then i get ready for work i go to work.

then when i go home it was late already it was like around 10:00 p.m my dog was waiting for me he was so excited to see me i prepare my self dinner and also give my dog his dinner when i finished i took a shower when i got out of the shower i saw on the wall written in blood im going to get you there’s no point in hiding from me the more you hide the more closer i get i started to cry i got really scared i put my clothes on i call my friend emily for help emily there is something really wrong going on here in my house i started to have alot of nightmares of this demon chasing me now i think its inside my house what do you mean its inside your house? Yes come here please hold on katie im going over there right now in a few minutes i will be there.

there’s a knock at the door katie opens the door and its emily come up stairs so you could see whats on the wall they both go up stairs look says katie  thats really scary there is something really wrong i know who could help you says emily calls a psychic on the phone  named jennifer an hour goes by they hear a knock at the door max starts to bark emily opens the door its alright max its just jennifer katie this is the psychic i told you about good evening my name is jennifer good evening jennifer nice to meet you im katie yes i know who you are they all sit on the couch this demon that is inside your house wants to possess you his been following you in your nightmares but those nightmares you have aren’t nightmares your astral projecting to another place now his found his way out and its here inside your house i didnt know i could do that i thought they were just nightmares well they are not can.

you please help me get this demon out of my house yes it is my job come with me up stairs so you could see what he wrote on the wall they go up stairs jennifer sees whats written on the wall yes he really wants to possess you every time you go to that place he gets closer to possessing you please help me says katie they go down stairs and sit on the couch again then jennifer gets a weird feeling she stands up and looks at the hallway the demon is right there staring back at her she looks at emily and katie and says the demon is here his at the hallway katie starts to cry.

she is really scared emily hugs her dont worry everything is gonna be ok jennifer is going to get that the demon out of here how does the demon look like? he has yellow skin red eyes and black long claws and has the most terrifing looking face that i ever seen says katie to emily max starts to bark and jennifer tells him to calm down everything is going to be alright max calm down  max come here says emily max gets up on the couch and sits.

i know who you are demon get out of this house you dont belong here the demon starts to laugh he tries to attack jennifer but she banishes the demon to the place his from the dark ralm im glad this is over thank you so much jennifer for helping me and thank you emily for your help and comfort if theres anything you need call me says emily to katie they leave katie closes the door and goes up stairs to sleep katie wakes up at 5:30 a.m oh it was just another nightmare the closet door creeks open the demon comes out and max starts to bark so you thought this was a nightmare.

katie calls emily on the phone his here his here katie hangs up katie? Hello katie! Emily goes to katie’s house she finds another key to the house under the mat she opens the door calls out to katie but she doesnt answer she goes up stairs to katie’s room she opens the door she finds the most horrifying scene katie was dead and her dog max there was alot of blood everywhere.

emily starts to cry and calls the police on the phone the police and the forensic detectives arrive the forensic detectives check everything the others take pictures they take katie’s body and max to take their bodies to the morgue you have to come with us to the station to testify what happened here says the police man to emily they go to the police station she explains everything to the police they think shes crazy one of the police man call a psychiatric hospital they come to take her im not crazy theres a demon in that house im not crazy they go to the psychiatric hospital im not crazy my friend katie was killed by a demon emily spends the rest of her life in that psychiatric hospital im not crazy im not crazy the demon was there the demon was there….

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